Wanted Wallpapers

Want to say "thank you"? There's no better way than helping us find these hard to find wallpapers. Please contact us and send them, or let us know where we can download them. The wallpapers will be up on this site and another user will be very, very grateful.

You are free to send wallpapers not listed below, but note that we are a family-friendly website and we cannot publish wallpapers that aren't appropriate for a family audience, it means no nude, no bikini girls, no Lara Croft wallpapers (sorry, gamers), no profanity, no hate images etc. Be nice.

Before you contact us, make sure that:

  • The wallpaper isn't on our collection already!
  • The wallpaper has the appropriate size (at least 800x600, but anything proportional will be alright)
  • The wallpaper has good quality (I know it's subjective, but try to be self-critic...)

If your wallpaper doesn't appear on the site, it doesn't means that I dislike it or that it will never appear. Maybe someone else have sent a wallpaper that I've found more suitable to that particular theme, maybe I've kept it for use on another day, maybe I've deleted it by mistake on my email (hey, I get virus messages and spam like everyone!).

Well, let's go to the list of what others users have asked me, but I still can't find it:

  • Mutant Babies from Shrek 2 (Cartoons)
  • Patrick Star, either Homer or Bart, and some other characters in air force uniforms (Cartoons)
  • Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog - from Superfriends (Comics)
  • Love is (Cartoons)
  • The Mighty Heroes (Comics)
  • Bat-Mite (Comics)
  • Deputy Dawg (Cartoons)
  • Forever 27 (Music or Artistic)
  • Picaso - Still Life on a Pedestal Table (Artistic)
  • Baby Ewoks (Star Wars)
  • 12 Leaves (Music)
  • Wolfman vs. Frankenstein (Movies)
  • Super Goof (Cartoons)
  • The New Adventures of Sinbad (Movies)
  • Simpsons as MIB (Cartoons)
  • Sleeping Princess (The Print With Black Hair)- Francis Macdonald Mcnair (Artistic)
  • Seated From Behind - Salvador Dali (Artistic)
  • Soleil De Biaritz - Jacqueline Marval (Artistic)
  • Femm Dans Les Echarpes - Jean Crotti (Artistic)
  • The Audience - Theodoor Josef Verchaeren (Artistic)
  • Femme Japonaise - Pierre Robert Bayle (Artistic)
  • Dysphoria - Ron Blumberg (Artistic)
  • Mask - Louis Weldon Hawkins (Artistic)
  • Postergada - Gina Pelon (Artistic)
  • Backdraft (Movies)
  • The New Adventures of Tarzan (Movies)
  • New York Undercover (Movies)
  • Silk Stalkings (Movies)
  • Johnathan Green - Red Tomatoes (Artistic)
  • Christopher Pratt - Raven (Artistic)
  • Kid Courageous (Music)
  • Sgt Slaughter - GI Joe (Comics)
  • Futuristic Highways (Fantasy)
  • Dragon Tales (Cartoons)
  • Land of the Giants (Movies)
  • Andy Richter Controls the Universe (Movies)
  • I Spy - with Robert Culp & Bill Cosby (Movies)
  • South Park - Luigi (Cartoons)
  • Hawaii Five-O (Movies)
  • F Troop (Movies)
  • Mortal Treason (Music)
  • Maverick (Movies)
  • JLA by Matt Groening (Comics)
  • Euclids (Vehicles)
  • Fried Green Tomatoes (Movies)
  • Marc Chagall - Amanti Azzurri (Artistic)
  • Henri Matisse - Woman By A Window (Artistic)
  • Paul Delvaux - Paysages aux Lanternes (Artistic)
  • Ferdinand Khnopff - Souvenir of Bruges (Artistic)
  • Green Acres (Movies)
  • WKRP (Movies)
  • Sanford and Son (Movies)
  • Caddyshack (Movies)
  • Georgia O'Keeffe - "An Orchid" (Artistic)
  • The Flash - TV Series (Movies)
  • Never Back Down (Movies)
  • Steve Urkel (Movies)
  • Sensitive Skin (Movies)
  • Scarecrow from Batman Begins (Movies)
  • Dr. Doom from Fantastic Four (Movies)
  • Precious Moments X-Mas (Cartoons)
  • Sad Sam & Honey (Cartoons)
  • Numberjacks (Cartoons)

Contribute here! Anyway, thank you!

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Free Cartoons Wallpaper: Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

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